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Upgrade the Epson TM-3500 into an NFC Label Printer

Upgrade label printers with our Clip On Encoder Kit and start printing and encoding NFC labels on demand today! 

The Epson TM-C3500 offers high quality full color prints (printer not included)

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Kit Details


Printer: Epson TM 3500


Prints labels on demand

Full color

Water and fade resistant prints

Easy to use 4-color links


Clip-On NFC Encoder


Easy to use: Clips on to front of Epson TM 3500

Encodes NFC tags on the fly

Supports encoding standard NDEF messages (ISO 14443A)

USB Connections

nfc manual 1.jpg

One-Of-A-Kind Flexstr8 Printer Software


Flexstr8 software synchronizes the printing and encoding process

Encodes NDEF packages on the fly

Peace of mind: encoding status of each label updated in real time

We can adapt our software to your specific needs



Premium Flexstr8 Labels

500 premium NFC labels included with purchase

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