Introducing FlexCode: the Fastest and Simplest RFID encoder in the world

Using Real time Barcode to RFID encoding

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Upgrade the Epson TM-7500 Label Printer into a high speed, full color, RFID Label Printer


FlexCODE Encoder:

  • Print and Encode UHF RFID labels Continuously at unmatched speed (7 tags / second)

  • Encode RFID tags based on the barcode printed

    • UPC

    • 2d matrix

    • QR code

  • Supports most EPC encoding schemas

  • In line verification with full reporting

  • “If you can print a barcode, you can encode RFID”

Premium Flexstr8 Media

  • Wide Color Gamut

  • Optimized for high speed, high precision encoding by Flexstr8 Encoders

  • Paper, Fabric, Polypropylene

  • Embedded UHF RFID inlays

  • Custom Shapes / Sizes

Printer: Epson TM-7500

  • Reliable performance — rugged design means minimal maintenance and a low overall cost of ownership; ideal for busy, on-demand environments

  • Powerful productivity — Just in Time Color printing for high-volume labeling applications

  • High-speed, on-demand, color printing — speed through multiple full-color labels with variable data up to 11.8" per second

  • Durable labels — BS-5609 certification means labels won’t smudge, smear or fade

  • Low cost of labeling — up to 50 percent lower printing cost than with laser and thermal transfer printers for high-durability color labels

  • Seamless integration — built-in ESC/Label language means you can use the printer with your existing workflow, and even add color with simple programming extensions

  • Astounding image quality — powered by PrecisionCoreTM inkjet technology from Epson; delivers precise barcodes and ultra sharp text

  • Highly efficient — high-yield ink cartridges mean fewer user interventions and less waste than most thermal transfer printers; easy to change, so there’s less downtime

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Just how fast is Flexcode?

Here’s a head-to-head test against a leading RFID printer

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